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Case Study – Police Promotion Exam
Chris first came to me because he felt he needed a confidence boost to pass a major exam which was just 6 weeks away. The deadline was looming and the pressure was on, and passing the exam would give Chris the opportunity to go for a big promotion. In the initial consultation session Chris agreed to attend 3 coaching sessions, with the last a week prior to his exam. By the end of the first 90 minute session what became clear was:
  • Chris had confidence in his abilities
  • The time pressure was a big factor – Chris had no time to prepare for his exam
  • Certain behaviours in the workplace were causing Chris to manage his time inefficiently
Looking at his motivational behaviours made Chris realise where his time was being spent.  He put some triggers in place to remind him when to behave differently, and using these strategies gave him extra time to prepare for his exam…….which he passed with amazing results - in the top 5% in the UK.

Testimonial from client – 3 May 2011:
Karen has been excellent to work with. Her coaching skills have highlighted several areas for me to develop and I have! I am feeling more confident for my upcoming police promotion exam and much of this is down to the encouragement and help KC Coaching has provided.    Chris Wharton

Via Twitter – 20 June 2011:

Chris_Wharton70   Chris Wharton  Just found out passed my inspector exam and came 42nd out of 837 in the country.
#yippee#ospre#nomoreexamsever .thanks @KarenKCcoaching!

Case Study – Career progression

 A senior manager was interested in coaching to see if it would give him the career direction he wanted. His department had been re-organised and he found himself in an unfulfilling role. This dissatisfaction was causing him to look at external job opportunities but none of them seemed quite right.

 As well as helping him to find his ideal job, I wanted to increase his motivation in his current job. This would help him come across more positively at interviews. After a skills and strengths audit we looked at his values and what sense of purpose he gained from his current and previous roles. 
 One aspect that he enjoyed and was currently missing was travel. However this didn’t align with his work/life balance and family values. On deeper probing, it wasn’t the actual travelling he enjoyed but time spent away from the office. He had wanted to ask about working from home for some time. Now that he realised why this was so important to him he could more easily ask for it.
 What he gained by working from home one day a week:

·         Gave him time away from the office
·         Increased his motivation
·         Felt more positive so sought opportunities within his current job
·         Improved his work/life balance
 A more proactive attitude led to a better relationship with his line manager. This increased his opportunities for more interesting projects and gave him the level of responsibility and challenge that he needed with the result that he chose to stay with the company.
 Gains for the organisation:
  • Retained an employee in a senior role
  • No recruitment costs incurred as employee didn’t leave
  • No costs or time needed to retrain another employee
  • Gained a more motivated and productive employee


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