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KC Clarity Cards© Training Event - 6 December 2018
5/10/2018 9:05:37 PM
Following the successful launch of the KC Clarity Cards©, our next training event for coaches will be held in London
How To Gain More Coaching Clients - free Webinar on 24th October 2018
5/10/2018 8:51:01 PM

“The clarity cards are perfect for helping clients identify key words that identify coaching needs. I will be using these for all future initial coaching sessions.”

"Using the cards I’ve helped organisations reach a decision on their coaching needs within 30 minutes – it really can be that quick. In fact I didn’t have to “sell” my workshops. The cards 'sold' them for me."

In these 40 second videos, hear what established and new coaches have to say

KC Clarity Cards - How it all started....
3/6/2018 3:17:49 PM
KC Clarity Cards© - Here's how it started....

KC Clarity Cards - Launch Event on Thursday 28th June 2018
3/6/2018 12:11:02 PM

KC Clarity Cards© Launch Event - The Power of Collaboration

Please join me for an interactive event for Coaches to celebrate the launch of KC Clarity Cards©

Book now to get your Early Bird ticket 

at Howfield Manor in Kent on Thursday 28th June 2018.

Click HERE to read how it all started.

KC Coaching Mastermind Circle - Canterbury 8th November 2016
9/9/2016 4:26:17 PM
Olympic athletes use coaching to reach their peak performance...the same is true for business and personal success.  

In Canterbury on Tuesday 8th November "Plotting the Course of Your business".

Join the KC Coaching Mastermind Circle and attend this 2.5 hour monthly workshop - part Mastermind, part Coaching to help you:
KC Coaching Booster Workshop - Canterbury 12th April 2016
31/3/2016 11:49:56 AM
Business Owners in Canterbury - get great results for Your Business in 2016
  • Save Time
  • Get Motivated
  • Achieve More and...
KC Coaching Booster Workshop - "How to get great results for Your Business in 2016" in Canterbury on Tuesday 19th January 2016
22/12/2015 7:15:55 PM
How to get great results for Your Business in 2016
  • Save Time
  • Get Motivated
  • Achieve More and...
Booster Workshop "Save Time, Get Motivated, Achieve More" - in Harrogate 28 May 2014
22/5/2014 11:02:41 PM
  • Save Time
  • Get Motivated
  • Achieve More and...
KC Coaching’s Booster Workshop – “Goals that make you feel GOOD” on Friday 25 January 2013
14/1/2013 5:01:03 PM
Doom and Gloom at Work? Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place? Attend our half day workshop and discover the secrets to motivate you and your staff for less than the cost of a Rolling Stones gig.....
KC Coaching's Booster Workshop - "How to Hit Your Targets" on Friday 19 October 2012
24/9/2012 5:15:28 PM

"How to Hit Your Targets" – by focussing on the results you want so that you can.....

Booster Workshop - Wednesday 9 May 2012
13/2/2012 1:33:51 PM
There are 2 types of business owners - and the successful ones know how to.............
  • Save Time
  • Achieve More
  • Get Motivated
Booster Workshop - 9.30am-1pm Friday 27 January 2012
12/1/2012 8:31:48 PM
There are 2 types of business owners - and the successful ones know how to.............
"Time to Focus" Workshop - 23 November 2011
12/11/2011 6:01:56 PM
The 8 secrets of gaining more time. Find out what’s important to you and what’s urgent….. and what’s the difference? Learn the secrets of your brain and how to focus. Discover how your behaviours eat up your time & how using your “Antidote” will save you time.  Early bird discount for booking by 16 November.
KC Coaching's Business Booster Session - 10-12pm Wednesday 26 October 2011
30/9/2011 5:33:18 PM
How to gain focus and direction in your business, & discover the secrets of keeping your actions on track…..
LBE11 - 29 September 2011
20/9/2011 6:42:51 PM
Visit KC Coaching on stand GH38 at the Leicester Business Event at the King Power Stadium, Leicester and at 1.45pm attend our FREE 45 minute seminar on "Improving Business Performance".  Learn quick strategies to save you you can spend more time on your business.
"Time to Focus" Workshop - 22 September 2011
3/8/2011 7:21:32 PM
Fed up with multi-tasking and want to focus on the important stuff?  Like to get more of a Work/Life balance?  Then attend our "Time to Focus" workshop being held in Derbyshire.....
"Time to Focus" Workshop - 29 June 2011
23/6/2011 5:38:49 PM
Like to get more of a Work/Life balance?  Want help with prioritising?  Fed up with multi-tasking and want to focus on the important stuff?  Struggling to get through your “to do” list because of distractions?  Find out how to focus, and get rid of those distractions
New Start Show - 27 March 2011
26/1/2011 10:43:36 AM
Attend our “How to turn your Dreams into Reality” workshop at the
New Start Show at the Walker’s Stadium, Leicester on Sunday 27 March 2011.
LBE10 - 30 September 2010
29/9/2010 2:27:40 PM
KC Coaching has a stand at the Leicester Business Exhibition at the Walker's Stadium, Leicester on Thursday 30 September 2010.
"Time for You" Workshop - 14 August 2010
12/7/2010 1:51:07 PM
Learn how to de-stress and take time for yourself at our workshop set in the tranquil Leicestershire   
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