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Booster Workshop - Wednesday 9 May 2012
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There are 2 types of business owners - and the successful ones know how to.............
  • Save Time
  • Achieve More
  • Get Motivated
· Discover how to gain focus and direction in your business
· Attend a 2 hour Booster Workshop every 3 months
· Learn different coaching techniques at each workshop
· Plan your next 3 months and set your business goals

BOOK TODAY email to reserve your place for the Booster Workshop on Wednesday 9 May 2012.

Discover how to gain focus & direction in your business

The next Booster Workshop is on Wednesday 9th May 2012.  The theme for this 2 hour interactive coaching workshop followed by a networking lunch is "Spring Forward".
Help keep your momentum for 2012 going -
learn different coaching techniques so you save time, achieve more and get motivated:
  • To achieve your business goals

  • Find strategies to achieve what is important

  • Strike the right work/life balance and save time
  • Put a “spring” in your business to drive it forward

What they are saying about the workshops:

"Time is the scarcest resource of every business - Karen's workshop helps people use it far better."  Peter Mostyn, Peter Mostyn Ltd

“The Booster Workshop helped me to break a goal down into specific actions, making it seem much more real and achievable.   I’m more motivated and focussed now!”    Anna Hart, Anna Hart Consultancy

“Certainly helped to motivate me to drive my business forward.”   Ras Limbachia, RNL Drainage Solutions

“Karen is a great facilitator to get you thinking about how to move forward”. Philip Wort, CDG Financial Services Ltd


“Excellent workshop – helped focus on future plan without over complicating.” Joanne Hilal, PA By The Day Virtual Assistant


“Karen provided a very concise workshop covering many aspects of motivation and the thought processes behind setting goals.”       Lee Hancock, Splendid Apple

Date:  Wednesday 9 May 2012
10am-12pm (coffee from 9.30am)

12-1pm Buffet lunch & opportunity to network

Venue: Ulverscroft Manor, Priory Lane, Ulverscroft, Markfield, Leics LE67 9QB

£49.95 + VAT a month for quarterly Workshops 

Future Booster Workshop dates for 2012:  
Friday 27 July, Friday 26 October

email with your name, business name, and telephone number to attend the KC Coaching Booster Workshops every 3 months and attend the first workshop on a FREE trial.

For attending the first free workshop there will be a charge of £24 (includes VAT) towards the networking lunch. Monthly payments of £59.94 (includes VAT) for the quarterly workshops will commence 15th of the month following your first free workshop.

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