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KC Clarity Cards - How it all started....
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KC Clarity Cards© - Here's how it started....

In 2016 I met with a prospective client who was interested in how I could help him with some staff issues.  I had run many different workshops and as I prepared for the meeting with him I thought how I could easily get across how these workshops had helped my previous clients.  I looked at the many testimonials I had collected over the years on the evaluation forms I handed out at the end of each workshop, the recommendations people had posted on LinkedIn, and the testimonials I had on my website. 

Using a spreadsheet I took some of the key words and aligned them against each type of workshop.  In the meeting I had planned to highlight the words that my prospective client mentioned on my spreadsheet.  I told him what I was doing and it intrigued him.  He took the spreadsheet off me and started to highlight the words himself and soon reached the conclusion of which workshop would be suitable for his needs. 

I ran a Team Building/Personal Development workshop for his team of managers using the coaching modules he’d selected to put together the bespoke workshop for him. 

A month later I had a meeting with another prospective client in a different industry.  This time I gave my spreadsheet and a highlighter pen to the Operations Director and she immediately started to highlight what gaps they had in their training.  I ran the 2 workshops for her teams, again putting together the modules she’d identified from the spreadsheet.

I felt I was onto something…

A few months later I shared my tool with other professional coaches and with their help and feedback the KC Clarity Cards© were born.

Since then I’ve had some amazing feedback and other coaches, HR managers, training companies and colleges are interested in using the KC Clarity Cards© either as a coaching technique, or to identify training and personal development needs.

If you would like to attend the KC Clarity Cards Launch Event on 28th June 2018 please click HERE to book.

For more information please contact

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