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"Time to Focus" Workshop - 22 September 2011
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Fed up with multi-tasking and want to focus on the important stuff?  Like to get more of a Work/Life balance?  Then attend our "Time to Focus" workshop being held in Derbyshire.....

“Time to Focus” Workshop
Fed up with multi-tasking and want to focus on the important stuff?
Struggling to get through your “to do” list because of distractions?
Want help with prioritising?
Like to get more of a Work/Life balance?
Find out how to focus, and get rid of those distractions
Friar Gate Studios, Derby City
9am-4.30pm Thursday 22nd September 2011
£97 + VAT includes lunch & refreshments
& a 30 minute follow-up coaching session by phone
Book now - ring Karen on 07985 081680 or email           
For more details of this one day interactive workshop run by Karen Chambers of KC Coaching & Steve Kennedy of Clear Coach see:
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