• The Gratitude Jar
  • How our Coach of the Month used the Clarity Cards™ System in Teams to agree Company Values
  • Free Webinar – How we got Bums on Seats for an Open Coaching Program

The Gratitude Jar
Hope you all managed to recharge your batteries over the break. 
There have been many posts on social media about taking time to reflect and energise.  Here are some of my successes  of 2019:

  • Trademarked Clarity Cards™ in March
  • Coaches in 5 counties across the UK trained and using the Clarity Cards™ system
  • Used the clarity cards in organisations for:
    • Team building
    • Organisational Values
    • Identifying staff and team development needs
  • Launched new website & membership site for Clarity Card™ Coaches

Clarity Cards™ Coach of the Month

Angela Mays of HRMays, an HR Consultant and Executive Coach is our coach of the month.

Early in 2019 Angela ran a successful workshop for an organisation for 18 of their staff with a mix of new starters, young graduates, long-term employees, and the CEO.

They were split into 3 teams of 6, and each team given the same 50 Clarity Cards™.  Using their question of “What values/behaviours do we wish to take forward into the new organisation over the next 3 months?” the teams agreed their top 10 keywords and each wrote down what those keywords meant to them as a team.  In the feedback session each team shared their top 10 and aligned them to their new company values, and agreed what these values would look like as behaviours in their workplace. 

As well as a team building event, it helped to engage the teams with the process of rolling out the new values and gave meaning to them.  On sharing their top 10, five of the keywords were chosen by all 3 teams which they agreed are to be embedded into the organisational culture.

From the total of 20 keywords chosen I diagnosed the pattern and used the Pie Chart tool to produce a snapshot to send to the CEO.  This gave a quick and easy way to highlight what the next steps can be, and in this case indicated that work on Awareness and Behaviours would ensure the values were understood and fully embedded in the future. 

The CEO reported back that it was one of the best team development events she had ever attended.

Free Webinar:  How we Got Bums on Seats for an Open Coaching Program
If you missed our webinar on how we used the Clarity Cards™ System to reverse-engineer the design and content of a series of workshops that got IMMEDIATE bookings….join our Clarity Cards Club on LinkedIn to watch the recording and learn how you can do this for your open coaching programs.

Wishing you a wonderful 2020 and a Year full of Clarity!

With very best wishes,

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