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Anna Hart

Property Consultancy

Set Motivational Goals

Do you have a 10-year goal? If you don’t, then trust me, you need one – ask Karen to send you the task and you’ll be amazed at what you end up with. It’s emotional.  And if you do have a big goal but you’re not sure how you’re going to achieve it, then investing in Karen to coach you is the first step. I’m going to be financially free by the time I’m 43 – sounds good huh?! And yes, I know exactly what I need to do over the next 10 years to achieve that. Thanks Karen.”  

James Turner

Sales Director, Crestline Printers Ltd

Executive Coaching

“Having previously been sceptical about ever using a consultant or advisor in any capacity, I was delighted with the results of my very first session with Karen. She enabled me to find my own answers to important personal development questions within my own business. It was and is, a revelation to me. Karen has allowed me to understand where I want to go and how to prioritise the order of events that need to happen to ensure I achieve what I want. 100% money well invested, so for any other sceptics out there, take the leap of faith – you won’t regret it.” 


Jane Cadman-Jones

HR Manager, McMurdo Group

Outplacement/Job Change

“I engaged the services of Angela / AMAYS to help some employees through a difficult period of change and redundancies on site as part of an outplacement support program.  Under difficult and emotional circumstances I was very pleased with the feedback from the employees who genuinely felt supported and positive about the future following their sessions with her.  I would highly recommend.” 

Fenton Baker

Global Portfolio Service Manager

Set Motivational Goals

“Karen has provided different types of career coaching at various times during time at AstraZeneca. She uses a structured approach and has helped me with dealing with excessive workload, understanding personal and career drivers, and reviewing my longer term goals. In particular Karen has a very personable approach to coaching and helps make any situation seem relaxed and productive.”

Nigel Hogg

Business Development, MidKent College


“Karen recently delivered a course to one of our key employers on Apprentices mentoring and coaching. It was very successful and the employees gave exceptional feedback. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for training.”


NHS Junior Doctors

Values Teaching Workshop

Culture Change

Useful insight into NHS Values and how they can be reflected upon by using real life complaints.”   “Useful session to reflect on how we can improve our own practice.”  “It makes you reflect on your own clinical practise and the way you treat patients.” 



Alison Trethewey-Smith

“I’ve just had a really massive WOW moment with Karen.”

She’s just asked me to take myself back to when I was suffering really badly with ME and remember how I felt then.

She said imagine if I were to have met me then, met the way I am now, met the person I am now, then.  How would I have felt?

And my first reaction was inspired.

And she said what would it have given me?

It would have given me utter belief that I could actually be like that person.

And that was a massive WOW moment for me.  I just felt that there was a lightbulb going on in my head.

And it’s just given me confidence in the fact that what I wanted to do with my clients, I can really do.  So that’s brilliant.

Thank you Karen for that.”

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